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In Praise of Old Houses…almost paid for…park anything-anywhere you want….low ceilings are great when you are painting…it’s like an old car, you don’t mind when you get a few dings…the taxes are low…you’re old, so you match your house…you look like your not “materialistic” …it hides dirt well, most of it just falls in the cracks that are all over the house, …you still live in N. America and have indoor plumbing and A/C…. your kids won’t fight over it when you die!

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I Love Books!

I am crazy about books! I have loved to read ever since I almost flunked 1st grade. Hey now, I was only five years old when I started first grade and had no prior formal education. No preschool, no kindergarten…nada! … Continue reading

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I’ve Joined the Ranks of Bloggers!

As you all know I’m always a step behind my girls! Eventually though, their logic breaks through and well….here I am! This is going to be quite the learning experience for me, but that’s what life is all about! Hopefully, … Continue reading

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