Yes, it’s true. Ain’t no denying it. Everyday, I leave a little more of Debi behind and put on Georgia Hazel Bragg!  Maybe it’s because she lived with us for four years and I “caught” her.

Never mind the fact that I forgot my password for several days and couldn’t post anything until I found the envelope that I randomly wrote my password on. Or the fact that I find just about anything and everything on pieces of scrap paper around the house….sermon notes, grocery lists (that never make it to the store), to do lists that never get done…

There are other telltale signs of “Hazelism”! Random house cleaning techniques. You know, where you start cleaning one room and end up in another before completing the cleaning on the first. If it was limited to two rooms that wouldn’t be so bad, but it is going from room to room to room! Or another cleaning method that seems to be a favorite of mine is “memory lane cleaning”. I go into the office or a closet to organize and somehow end up reading old cards, looking at old pictures, thinking about creating a memory book and before I know it, it is time to fix dinner. I have a bigger “mess of memories” and no organization!

Talking out loud to myself is another recent rather scary behavior pattern! Mainly because it isn’t an occasional  “Oh…” or  “oops” …..that everyone does. It is conversational muttering! Expressions of dissatisfaction or disdain when no one is around! Statements of how right I am and how wrong someone else is! Like I said, scary!

By far the most disconcerting similarity that has been “popping out” of late is my inability to retain gaseous noise escaping my derriere.  “Tooting” is what my mom called it. We all do it, but we ladies don’t admit it. My mom in her later years sounded similar to a muffled machine gun walking across the room. Forgive me, my sweet mother, for ever making fun of you!

There are many positive things that I inherited from my mom, far more noteworthy and important than these small idiosyncrasies and indiscretions. Her faith and love for Jesus and her family…..but that’s another blog!


About whitehousesouth

I am a Christian by God's mercy and grace. I am a wife, mom and nana to ten beautiful grandchildren. I want to reveal the love of Christ to everyone I meet.
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6 Responses to I AM MY MOTHER

  1. oh my goodness this is hysterical and definitely has perked my mood. I just got done putting a bandaid on Micaila, it’s a pretty big wound and so of course she made a HUGE dramatic deal over my administering neosporin and bandaging her up. Like I was cutting her leg off or something. Anyway, I needed a good laugh. And if it makes you feel any better I AM MY MOTHER 😉 I notice it more and more everyday as well. So does this mean I’ll be turning into Hazel as well? I already “toot” beyond my control. Fortunately I have a toddler who likes to take ownership of the smelly ones for me. hahaha. Love you mommy!

  2. Darlene Pollacek says:

    Yes, Hazel lives on in all of us. Laura and I were talking about this just last night. But we quickly concluded that we hoped that she not only lived on in the funny little things she did but that we will acquire more faith, more patience with the inequities of life – boy didn’t she deserve a few luxuries! The love of her saviour, whom she was always willing to share with anybody and her tremendous love for her family. We inherited so much from Georgia Hazel — I”ll even put up with the tooting!

  3. Debi says:

    Amen, sister. I hope I can emulate her faith and love to even a small degree!

  4. Terry Opperman says:

    Oh Debi – I can so relate! I love your stories – and remember your sweet – pretty momma. She would love your stories of her and would laugh along with you. I am walking through the days of the long goodbye with my momma. There is one good thing about Alsheimer’s – you forget your fears. My momma would never come and see me up in Canada because she was afraid to fly – my neice flew with her last month up here and my mother had a wonderful time. She thought she was in Orlando the whole time – but it was still a great visit. Love and miss you too – come and see me! TerryO

  5. when2become1 says:

    I love this post 🙂 I cant wait to meet her in heaven!
    and I don’t know what your talking about…I don’t get gas. I thought only men got that. Especially Damien.

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