I Love My Preacher Man!

In 1986 we lived in Texas, and joined a church called Hulen St. Baptist Church. The pastor was a Czechoslovakian , a really cool guy, that had been a professional hockey player, tennis pro, and many other things. He had all these great stories about living in Czechoslovakia and immigrating to the United States and going to college and then seminary and I just really admired him. But I remember looking at his wife whose name was Joy, and thinking, what does she really think of him? We were about the same age, and she had two girls and then her youngest was a boy and I had two boys and my youngest was a girl. So we actually had a lot in common. It was just hard for me to imagine living with this holy man of God, awesome athlete, and thinking about what normal, average people do each day when they are married. Did they fight? Did they have fun? Did they have sex? Of course they had sex, they had kids. But did they enjoy it? And on and on. I didn’t get to spend a lot of one-on-one time with Joy, we had different schedules. I got the feeling that if I did get to spend time with her, she might be a little guarded…maybe I was wrong, though. They were just a mystery to me.

Prior to meeting them, several years in fact, Charles and I had lived a normal/average, ok….dysfunctional lives. Umm, we were just little different than your typical future pastoral candidates. He didn’t become a Christian until 28 and well, we basically lived selfish, self-centered, and destructive lives up to that point. When Charles’ became a Christian, we became “members” of a local church, felt the tug to be more involved in whatever God had for us than our 8-5 jobs allowed. So we sold everything, packed up & moved to Texas to go to seminary. When we arrived at seminary, we searched high and low (We visited eleven different churches, yes I counted!) for and found a church to serve in and that’s where we met Joy and Joseph.

After four years, Charles graduated from seminary and accepted the position of pastor of First Baptist Church of Lutz. It was at that point, I became THE 😱 pastor’s wife. Not that I noticed, but that was probably when people began to wonder if we were a normal couple? Did we have fun, did we have fights? More importantly….did we have sex and enjoy it? Of course, anyone with even a little Biblical knowledge could figure that last question out. After all, in the very first chapter of Genesis, God created male and female and said in verse 28 , “to be fruitful and multiply ” and He didn’t have to make it such a pleasurable experience, but He did.

Let’s just say it didn’t take the church members long to figure out, we were wayyyy normal! They only had to observe us and our kids for a couple of minutes to draw that conclusion.

Well, it’s been 23 years since the day that Charles stepped into that FBC pulpit. And I can honestly say, we do have fights, we do have fun, and we experience all the “normal” things a family does. We have failed and forgiven, we have fallen and struggled to even want to get back up. I have “flunked” Pastor’s Wife 101 and 102. (Kinda like flunking English Grammar 101 when it’s your primary language.) And I’m not being humble, just honest. I can sincerely say, I have never found anyone as faithful and true, except for Jesus, as encouraging and steady as a rock, as my preacher man. I love him and I thank God for him. But he’s not perfect, so don’t be putting him on any pedestal! Because he’s just a man, redeemed by the grace of God, selected for me by God’s sovereignty!

Thank you, Jesus! My second favorite hard core man is Jack Bauer of 24, but that’s a “whole nother ” blog posting!😍😜😁


About whitehousesouth

I am a Christian by God's mercy and grace. I am a wife, mom and nana to ten beautiful grandchildren. I want to reveal the love of Christ to everyone I meet.
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2 Responses to I Love My Preacher Man!

  1. Susan Knighten says:

    Love this, Debi! I am so glad that we had the privilege of knowing you at Hulen Street. 23 years in the same church is amazing!

    • Truly amazing, Susan! I give God, Charles and a church with a large mercy index, all the credit.
      BTW, meeting you in the nursery of Hulen Street and beginning our friendship is one of my dearest memories and treasure of that time.

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