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A Love My Brother Could See

As Christians there are so many issues we get hung up on. We all have our pet doctrines, beliefs and traditions. We rank them in order of importance in our mind and are baffled when others take them so lightly. … Continue reading

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God Sent Serenity to Teach Ms. Anxiety

God Sent Serenity to Teach Ms. Anxiety Apparently God still uses parables. Just in case you aren’t a fan or follower of first century/New Testament writing. A parable is a allegorical (The strategic part for the sake of this blog!) … Continue reading

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Trash or Treasure?

I receive a daily devotional from Rick Warren in my email. You can read it @ it was the July 11, 2013 devotional. I always appreciate his plain, straight forward, but insightful perspective. This particular one struck me, because … Continue reading

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