God Sent Serenity to Teach Ms. Anxiety

God Sent Serenity to Teach Ms. Anxiety

Apparently God still uses parables.
Just in case you aren’t a fan or follower of first century/New Testament writing. A parable is a allegorical (The strategic part for the sake of this blog!) short story to teach or illustrate some truth, principle or moral lesson. Jesus used them all the time. Luke 15- The prodigal son…Our pursuit of what we want, ignoring what is right and responsible. The Father’s response- love, forgiveness and restitution. The Good Samaritan – Everyone is your neighbor, if they are in your path and they have a need, you should meet it with love. The lost sheep, the lost coin, God pursues us, searches for us and the angels rejoice when he rescues us!

Back to my premise, God still enjoys parables, teaching us in word pictures, that are symbolic of real life. So….I have this precious daughter who is by temperament a little on the anxious side. Officially she is classified as a melancholy. She thinks A LOT, about everything. She anticipates, contemplates, and agitates about things that never ever enter my conscious brain. Mainly, because I’m an otter ( sanguine) and we just want to have fun. You can’t think a lot, if you want to have fun. It interferes.

My melancholy, but devoted follower of Christ, daughter has determined that God desires her & the hub to become foster parents. They have three children of their own, so obviously they aren’t lonely. They live in a very nice house with a bedroom for their girls to share, one for the baby boy and the ” master bedroom” . They do have a playroom/media extra room…that I guess they may feel compelled to share. But, yes…definitely a God thing.

So many steps to take to become foster parents, so many hoops to jump through, not to mention forms..birth certificates …your child vaccinations and physicals for the entire family and for crying out loud pet vaccinations…..CPR…fire escape routes for your house! If they made parents go through all this before conceiving children there wouldn’t be a need for foster care!

And in the midst of all this process, you have my vey thoughtful, slightly driven, did I mention, a little on the high strung side…daughter! Moving through the process, praying, crying, surrendering and striving to be obedient to her Lord. Let me also hasten to add this caveat, growing, she is ever growing in her level of trust and confidence in Christ!

After days, weeks and months ….the call comes, we have a child, she’s two years old. Ms. Anxiety, we want you to prepare your home to love Serenity. Seriously, that’s her name…their very first foster child! And she’s two….Anxiety + Serenity does not equal a two year old in any formula….except God’s!

We now await the rest of the story! Don’t tell me, God doesn’t have a sense of humor!


About whitehousesouth

I am a Christian by God's mercy and grace. I am a wife, mom and nana to ten beautiful grandchildren. I want to reveal the love of Christ to everyone I meet.
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One Response to God Sent Serenity to Teach Ms. Anxiety

  1. I love this because first of all you really encourage me with all your compliments but of course I love the candidness you provide of my temperament and things I wrestle with and am overcoming through His power. (FYI everyone she emailed this to me first before posting.)

    Some days are better than others. Serenity really is teaching me so much already in the first 48 hours. God is so good.

    Love you momma!

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