About Moi

46259D7A-FDF1-400C-98BC-B45D6ED26235The most noteworthy fact about me is I belong to Jesus Christ, apart from that I am truly nothing! End of story….but not end of blog!

I grew up in a Christian home, in St. Petersburg, Florida,  the tenth child of C.W. and Georgia Hazel Bragg. Needless to say, (then why am I saying it, if it is needless?) life was interesting in the Bragg household. But if you want details you will have to ask my sister Marybeth, who has a mind like a steel trap. I apparently drifted along not paying attention to much at all! LOL! We were like any other typical, large, dysfunctional family, but that only made it easier to see how much we needed Jesus. My mom was always good at leading the way, in fact, she not only led us kids to church & Christ, but my dad as well. Later in life, I dubbed her, “Saint Hazel”, not because she was perfect, but because she had so much faith. She trusted God to do what she knew was impossible for her to do, namely keep us alive and save our souls. Her faith was not in vain, I don’t know of any other families as large as ours who love God and love each other!

The remnant of our family who still lived at home in 1969, when I was thirteen, Stephen, Laura, Marybeth and I moved to Tampa with my parents.The most important aspect of that move was it put me in proximity to my future husband, Charles….my true love!

Well, the rest is history that most of you are familiar with. God looked down in His amazing, mysterious and humorous way and decided that HE was going to “hook us up”, save us from certain self-destruction, and call us to be HIS ambassadors in Lutz!  It has been and continues to be quite a ride!

PS- Had to insert one other current “noteworthy” fact about me. I’m “Nina or Nana” depending on which of my eleven grandchildren you talk to. Although, one of them doesn’t  actually know how to talk yet. They are the delightful payoff for parenting. Here’s our last group pic from December of 2016. You can’t see Connor very well, because he was just a gleam in his daddy’s eye at this point! After three girls, Chris and Kendra and all of us  welcomed him with open arms this past August, 2018.



10 Responses to About Moi

  1. Yessss!!! I LOVE it! I knew you could write well and entertain at the same time. You’re so witty and funny and HONEST, I’m so looking forward to future blogs. This is way better than hacking into your facebook hahaha.

  2. oh and btw I like your header!

  3. when2become1 says:

    You are very witty! And I LOVE that picture! So beautiful. I cant wait for your next blog….so hurry ;).

  4. Carolyn says:

    Deb, you certainly have a God given gift in writing and sharing his word. Not only are your blogs touching, I can visualize even bigger things for you, perhaps a ministry much like Beth Moore from the whitehousesouth:).

    • Carolyn, that is certainly the highest compliment I’ve ever received, thank you! Beth put in years of intensive Bible study, prayer and probably fasting 😇 before God brought her to the level of influence she has today. Truth be told, although God gave me a gift and love of writing years ago I’m afraid I didn’t exercise the discipline and obedience that was necessary to achieve greater influence for God’s glory. We are definitely stewards of every resource God gives us and how we invest influences the outcome. I probably lack faith as well or I could move the “mountain” of obstacles (job, age, insecurity, etc) that tell me I can’t have broader impact. Thanks for making me think and contemplate higher things! 💜

  5. Ginger Adelstone says:

    Debi, you know that you are an awesome teacher, and you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you! We are all fallible! We are human, so we already don’t earn the gold star to sit next to God in Heaven, it is an amazing thing that we learn, we study, we ache to know Him, and then we doubt ourselves the ability to reach and teach His Word…..you my friend can reach millions….just need a great agent…oh, you have one! Jesus. Pray over it, you can be another Beth Moore…or perhaps the more qualified and assured Debi White of LBC!
    Miss you my friend. Hope to see you soon.

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